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Join Scott Weidensaul at the Asa Wright Nature Centre

Caligo Ventures helps celebrate the Asa Wright Nature Centre’s 50th Anniversary with birding celebrity Scott Weidensaul.

2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the famed Asa Wright Nature Centre, and we are so excited! We can think of no better way to commemorate this incredible milestone than by celebrating with author Scott Weidensaul in a style that is completely in sync with the mission of this unique non-profit: Inviting YOU to visit, learn, bird, and enjoy — Trini-style!

Scott Weidensaul
Scott Weidensaul by Bill Clark

So, what could be better than a late-winter trip to Trinidad and Tobago? How about a late-winter trip to this warm, bird-full island nation with a birding celebrity? Author, researcher, and educator Scott Weidensaul visits the Asa Wright Nature Centre March 18 – 25, 2017, and you’re invited to join him.

A finalist for the 2000 Pulitzer Prize in general non-fiction for his evocative and inspiring book Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds, Scott has written more than two-dozen books and is a celebrated columnist and contributor to publications like The New York Times, Smithsonian, and Audubon magazines. He is also an active field researcher focused on bird migration.

Scott Weidensaul
Ornate Hawk-Eagle by Weislawa Haber

Why visit in March?

At the nexus of North and South America, the verdant island of Trinidad is home to bird species that take advantage of every ecological niche available. Many species spend the North American winter here before leaving in the tropical spring as flowers and insects rebound up north. Other species spend those same months in South America, where summer weather provides food resources, and don’t head north to the Caribbean until the South American fall (our spring). At the same time, hundreds of truly local species of birds go nowhere else, spending the full year on the island.

March is a terrific time to be in Trinidad with a migration specialist like Scott Weidensaul. North-bound migrants are fattening up for their long ocean crossing; raptors are actively nesting; and Scarlet Ibis haven’t yet started to nest and are seen in peak numbers as they fly in to roost at Caroni National Park.

Scott Weidensaul
Scarlet Ibis by Rich Wagner | WildNaturePhotos

March is also the tail-end of the dry season; rainfall is at its lowest point of the year and bird activity peaks at the Asa Wright Nature Centre’s feeders, offering amazing close-ups of nectar and fruit eating species; Silver-beaked Tanager and Green Honeycreeper joust for position with White-necked Jacobin, Tufted Coquette, Blue-chinned Sapphire, and Copper-rumped Hummingbird.

Scott Weidensaul
Copper-rumped Hummingbird by Buck Snelson

Additionally, intratropcial migrants seen in March include Caribbean Martin, while birds with a strong South American connection include Swallow Tanager, and Ruby Topaz Hummingbird — found breeding on the Aripo Savannah. Nomadic and highly aerial Swallow-tailed Kite can be seen over the forest canopy and swamps.

So how do you visit the Asa Wright Nature Centre with Scott Weidensaul?

Caligo Ventures offers three different options for your visit to the Asa Wright Nature Centre. You can join a Guided Group Tour, book an Independent Birding Venture, or simply book a Relaxing Lodge Stay during the March 18 – 25 date window to spend time with Scott Weidensaul.

All visitors to the Centre during the Weidensauls’ week have the opportunity to explore facts and myths about migration, migration research, and a host of other topics with Scott while birding the grounds of the Centre and on fieldtrips around the island.

The following Guided Group Tours are available during the Weidensauls’ dates at the Centre.

There is no better way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this unique and special place than by joining Scott and Amy Weidensaul at the Asa Wright Nature Centre! Call or email us today to reserve your spot. (800) 426-7781

Scott Weidensaul
The Asa Wright Nature Centre by Edward Rooks, who also visits the Centre as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations.

A side note.

It’s worth noting that Scott Weidensaul is not the first famous naturalist-author to spend time at the Asa Wright Nature Centre — he is part of a long legacy of writers seeking inspiration here. William Beebe was a scientific celebrity and prolific author when in 1949, he purchased the Simla research station just down the hill from what is now the Centre. Dr. Beebe was introduced to Trinidad by Henry Newcome Wright, an author/poet and husband of Asa Wright, who purchased the old Springhill Estate as a retreat; Asa lived here until 1967, when it was sold to a small group of conservationists and turned into the Asa Wright Nature Centre we cherish today.

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