Chocolate Making at Brasso Seco Paria

We came to the Asa Wright Nature Centre for the birds, but little did we know we were in for a sweet treat — a chocolate making demonstration!

A guest blog post by Kimberly Vetter.

Chocolate making at Brasso Seco
Kimberly Vetter & Richard Gibbon by Lynn Tennefoss

Do you like chocolate? I know I do and was pleasantly surprised when I learned I would be visiting a bona fide cacao farm during my stay at Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad for a chocolate making demonstration. (A special treat, this agro-tour is a regular feature on Caligo Venture’s all-day Blanchisseuse Road field trip in the Northern Range.) Although the island country has been growing cacao for more than 100 years, it was only recently that local growers started making actual chocolate.
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